Aloha Medical Mission is committed to improving the lives of our community in Hawai‘i. Education and prevention are the primary focus of our local programs for the underserved.



Welcome Smile

Temporary restorative dentistry program designed to help women who have experienced abuse or incarceration build their confidence so they may lead healthy and productive lives. AMM has restored the smiles of 56 women to date with many others currently receiving care.

Community Outreach

A dedicated outreach coordinator educates Micronesian, Hawaiian, Chinese, and other underserved populations on the importance of oral health and preventive care. Since May 2011, we have reached more than 7,000 people.

In partnership with Americorps and the Aloha United Way, an Evaluation Process Developer collects and analyses community information.

For more information and volunteer opportunities, please call (808) 847-3400.