I have treated many children deprived of even the most basic care in nutrition and health. Relieving a little of their pain and seeing a smile is what motivates me to volunteer each year. I hope to continue my volunteer service as long as I can.

Michael Healy, M.D., pediatrician and former AMM board member

Volunteers are the foundation of Aloha Medical Mission’s success. There have been thousands of you over the years who have contributed significantly, and we thank you. The following individuals have been important continuing contributors to our overseas and local operations.

These members have been major
overseas mission leaders:

Cecilia Alailima, M.D.

family practice

Vernon Ansdell, M.D.

internal medicine, tropical medicine

Lisa Grininger, M.D.

general surgery

Majorie Fine, MD

general surgery

Carl Lum, M.D.

general surgery

Andy Oishi, M.D.

general surgery

Susan Scott


Ramon Sy, M.D.

ENT (ear-nose-throat)

Antonio Tan, M.D.


Craig Thomas, M.D.

emergency medicine

Jerry Van Meter, M.D.

orthopedic surgery

Brad Wong, M.D.

general surgery

These members have been major contributors to our overseas missions:

Elenita Alvarez, M.D.


Phoumy Bounkeua, P.A.-C., Ph.D.

primary care (WA)

Lolita Ching, R.N.

critical care

Shim Ching, M.D.

plastic surgery

John Fegurgur, M.D.

plastic surgery (Guam)

Mona Ghows, M.D.


Reuben Guerrero, M.D.


Michael Healy, M.D.


Amelia Jacang, M.D.


Maile Levins

B&C Trucking Co., Ltd.

Shon Magsalin, R.N.


Jack Manildi

George Nardin, M.D.


Fred Pacpaco, M.D.


Bernie Palomares, M.D.

general surgery

Don Parsa, M.D.

plastic surgery

Alison Shigaki, M.D.

family practice (WA)

Kameron Slaten, M.D.


Remedios Sonson, M.D.


Gildo Soriano, M.D.

internal medicine

Zoltan Szathmary, M.D.


Gloria Tumbaga, M.D.

Lilian Uy

Quintin Uy, M.D.

internal medicine

Farkas Vasarhelyi, M.D.


Naomi Wong, C.R.N.A.

nurse anesthetist

Eric Wurmser, M.D.

plastic surgery (NJ)

Teri Wurmser,. R.N., Ph.D.

nursing administration (NJ)

J. Dennis Yeomans, D.D.S.

general dentistry

Fred Yost, M.D.

general surgery

These members from the Philippines have greatly helped our overseas missions:

Sister Ewa

Zambales Clinic

Robert Sy, M.D.

general surgery

Jean Trebol

St. Scholastica Bacolod Alumnae Foundation

These members have volunteered more than 10 years to our Honolulu clinic:

May Ablan, M.D.


Norberto Baysa, M.D.

family practice

Michael Bornemann, M.D.


John Boyer, M.D.


Peter Caldwell, M.D.

pediatric cardiology

Vivian Chung, R.N.

Diane Fujita, R.N.

Mary Glover, M.D.

family practice

Douglas Johnson, M.D.


Lori Kamemoto, M.D.


Christine Nadamoto, R.N.

Jan Nakama, R.N.

Glenn Pang, M.D.


Lana Seki, R.N.

Santosh Sharma, M.D.


George Shimomura, M.D.


Raymond Wong, M.D.


Major local community volunteers:

Lito Alcantra

Diane Anderson

Ruby De Alday, M.D.

Dolores Bediones

Chris Cerna

Ed Hope

Fred Ching

Kerry Ishihara, D.D.S.

Albert (Roger) Jensen

Barbara Kuljis

Sharon Lawler, M.D.

Joanne Le, D.D.S.

Kathy Mills

Colleen Minami, M.S.N

Clyde Miyaki, M.D.

Julia Mizer

Richard Okazaki

Richard Pecson

Claron Pong

Elizabeth Sy

Lynn Watanabe